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Pathumika Tathsarani

“I had faith in my next chapter because ELSL was its author”

Pathumaika Tathsarani

(Student, Advanced poetry competition winner, 2019)

Samanali Vihara

"ELSL helped me by revealing my poetic skills and encouraged me to follow my passion."

Samanali Vihara

(Student, Intermediate poetry competition winner - 2019)

Sadini Senarathne

"I am glad to say that ELSL helped me to improve my English knowledge and understanding of Literature, which I think, is not only a subject but life itself. It guides us to realize the humankind and the society in which we live. And, the credit goes to my lovely sir who motivated and encouraged me to make my dream come true."

Sadini Senarathne


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English Literature is a highly recognized, currently trending subject in Srilanka. Unfortunately, many students out of the boundaries of the capital find it difficult to continue learning the subject due to various reasons

      • Requirement of high proficiency in English
      • Lack of qualified teachers of English Literature
      • Lack of encouragement from teachers
      • Difficulty to find reliable sources of learning
      • Nescience of teaching methods, and resources such as past papers, marking schemes, answer structures

We hope that exploration of this site will contribute to overcome at least some of the many problems encountered by the students who learn   G. C. E. (O/L) English Literature,G. C. E. (A/L) English, Cambridge O Level Literature in English, and those who are reading for BA(GEN/SP) along with those who seek reliable information on literary works world wide

If you still have problems,feel free to contact our teachers for further assistance.

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