Enjambment is the continuation of an idea through lines of a poem without having a grammatical stop made by a punctuation mark.

Synesthetic Imagery

The confusion of senses indicated through the disconnection between the object and the sense applied to it.

Eg: “Tasting of Flora and the country green,” – Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats


Anastrophe is the changing of natural syntax of a sentence. Emphasis of a sentence is switched with the use of this figure of speech.

I saw ten thousand at a glance – Natural syntax
Ten thousand saw I at a glance (Daffodils – William Wordsworth)- Inverted syntax


Closely arranged subjects with strikingly different characteristics.


Contrast is an emphasis of differences between two subjects.


The dictionary meaning of a word, which is objective and has no emotions or hidden senses associated with it. “literal” is a synonym to denotation.


Repetition is the purposeful reuse of words or ideas.


An allusion is a brief reference to religion, history, mythology, or literature.


A synecdoche is a version of a metaphor. It is a part of something which represents the entire object. It is used to change the focus of attention.


Attribution of conscious human behavioral patterns to inanimate objects, animals, or gods.