What’s next

01. Getting access to syllabus material

If you are a student who participates in ELSL classes or not, now you have access to all the text books, teacher’s guides, past papers, provincial papers, marking schemes and other general support material required to study the subject. Use the below links to access the content.


Text books, past papers, marking schemes and lesson notes of G.C.E A/L English.


Text books, past papers, marking schemes and lesson notes of G.C.E O/L English.

02. Connecting to the Academic Library of ELSL

ELSL Academic Library is the largest academic library in South Asia dedicated to the subject of English. As a student of the institution, you gain access to a free ELSL student patronage scheme to explore content. With the help of the librarian, many students self-study for their examinations without the personal assistance of tutorial staff. Another special privilege ELSL students get is that they get to request books that are currently not available in the library.

Academic Library

As a student of ELSL, now you can explore millions of books related to your subject with a simple mouse click.

03. Connecting to the Department of Education of ELSL

Do you know that ELSL has one of the most sophisticated exam management systems in the world? It has two main components, namely the Electronic Student Assessment System (ESAS) and the Student Answer Analysis System (SAAS). In short, it is a cheat-proof AI-based EMS system that will elevate your education to the next level.

Department of Examinations

All physical/online examinations of the institution are handled by the Department of Examinations of ELSL. 

04. Connecting to Abot - Ai

The newest addition to the education you receive at ELSL is  Abot. Abot is an Artificial Intelligence based teacher that supports students to reach their highest potential. Abot functions in all classes as the 2nd teacher who assists students apart from the human teachers.

Department of Examinations

Imagine having an English teacher who literally knows everything about the subject, and having her available for 24/7 with unlimited patience.