APES (Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking) 2016-2019 is a project on finding reasons and applying remedies for the inability of students who learn in English Medium Schools Outside the the Capital of Sri Lanka to effectively communicate in English. (Read more)


CILCE (Competitive Interactive Lerner Centered Education) 2019-2020 is a sub-project of APES (Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking). It focuses on the positive enticement of human psychology to engage more on the subject of English Literature. (Read more)

AISELA (All Island Schools English Literary Association) is a project of ELSL through which the institution expects to provide better opportunities to the schoolers of Sri Lanka. The targeted audience of the project is the government/semi-government/international school students of the country. (Read more)

VKAT Learning

Visual Kinaesthetic Auditory Tactile (VKAT) model is a learning system developed by ELSL. It is an incursive and an adaptive pedagogical system which uses a diverse range of contemporary social/technological trends as its approach. (Read more)