Step 01

Skip to step 02 if you already have WhatsApp installed in your phone …

Open Google play, search  and install WhatsApp to your mobile.

Step 02

Send “REG” to ELSL WhatsApp – 071 280 96 97


Step 03

You will receive a unique student ID, the class schedule.

Step 04

Search  and install Skype to your mobile/Pc.

Create your free Skype account

Step 05

Add ELSL to Skype

Skype ID:  live:c98ce7afcb79f6bc

Step 06

Click “say Hi” button in Skype, and send your Student ID as a message.

Then you will receive payment instructions.

Make the admission or the full payment and send a photo/screen shot of the transaction slip to ELSL skype and WhatsApp.

Step 07

Congratulations, you have successfully joined ELSL Online education program!

How to connect with a smart phone

Payment Options for Online Education