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ELSL-English Literature Sri Lanka represents a group of individuals who are dedicated to provide accurate and reliable information on English Literature. Even though our web is specially dedicated for the students who follow G.C.E O/L, G.C.E A/L, Cambridge Literature in English, and GAQ students in Srilanka, the content you find is applicable to anyone who seeks knowledge globally.

We own 100% of annotations and notes published in the site, and the content is carefully designed to minimize the time spent reading long articles which contain hardly useful lengthy descriptions.

What we do

  • Setting exam papers (for international schools)
  • Grading Papers (for international schools)
  • Conducting seminars (for government/international schools)
  • Promoting English speaking skills in international schools outside the capital through APES
  • Conduction tuition 
  • Distributing G.C.E A/L text books