English Literature Sri Lanka also known as ELSL is an institution which is run by highly qualified and experienced teachers of English Literature who are dedicated to promote English Literature as a subject in Sri Lanka.

Setting Syllabi 

ELSL has a dedicated panel of teachers who make syllabi for schools, and private institutions. 

Setting Papers

ELSL sets papers for schools and private institutions, maintaining the standards of the government examinations and under the guidelines of the respected  educational authorities.

Grading Papers

ELSL has a dedicated panel of markers who grade papers,based on the set guidelines of National Institute of Education/marking schemes issued by authorized educational institutions of Sri Lanka.

Conducting Classes

  • ELSL currently conducts classes for;
  • G.C.E O/L Appreciation of English Literary Texts (grade 9,10,11)
  • Cambridge OL, Literature in English
  • G.C.E A/L
  • Bachelor of Arts in English (B.A)
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)

Conducting Seminars and Crash Courses 

ELSL conducts seminars and crash courses (G.C.E O/L and G.C.E A/L) for government/private educational institutions island wide.


ELSL is the only educational institution in Sri Lanka, which specifies only English Literature as a subject. The institution consists of a highly qualified and experienced teachers who are professional English Literature teachers in recognized government/private schools/universities.

That said, in contrast to other similar institutions and websites in the country, ELSL teachers take the full responsibility of what they teach, and the administration of ELSL guarantees the originality and the reliability of the content published in our e-education system.

To add to that ELSL teachers have achieved maximum results during the past few years and they are specialized in making weaker students achieve their educational endeavours. 


That is when ELSL educators come in handy. Our teachers have years of experience and they are specialized in covering the key competencies during a short period of time.

In a worse case scenario, our teachers can cover the Cambridge OL Literature in English within FIVE full days, G.C.E O/L appreciation of English Literary Texts in SIX full days, and G.C.E A/L English (Literature) in THREE months*.

(*depends on the capacity of the student,)

Every new-comer is given the privilege to sit for extra classes  free of charge. 

Eg. When you register for Grade 13 class, you can attend the grade 12 class for free. Not only that, you can come for other sessions done in various days. You only have to pay the monthly fee for the grade. We set no restrictions as long as you are interested in learning more with us.  

Don’t worry, ELSL competitions are held throughout the year.

There are three Literary competitions per year.

Each competition is done at the end of an academic term.

Competitions are held on the last day of the month(s) of March,July, and November.

Just send an email to [email protected] and get our permission. 

All the content ELSL publishes are solely owned by the institution, and are protected by the Intellectual PropertyAct, No. 36 of 2003. If you steal our content, there is a grater chance for you to meet one of our agents in the court.