APES - Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking

What is APES

APES is a project on finding reasons and applying remedies for the inability of students who learn in English Medium Schools Outside the the Capital of Sri Lanka to effectively communicate in English. The three-year- research (2016-2019) is conducted by the ELSL foundation led by Mr. Ravi Gunawardane, a teacher of English.

Who are benefited from APES

English Medium Students – International Schools

The primary target of project APES is to apply remedies for the difficulty of English Medium Students to effectively communicate their spontaneous ideas in English.



With the proper application of the suggested remedies, visible results can be achieved within a minimum of three months.


Barriers to overcome with APES

With the introduction of International schools, outside the capital (ISOC); it has become a major trend for parents to admit their children to such institutions with the intention of providing them a substantial education which will prioritize the knowledge of English and elevating their social standards. With such expectations of the parents, it has become essential for schools outside the capital to maintain their standards to retain possession of the customers by simulating the higher standards maintained by international schools inside the capital (ISIC). Unfortunately, during this process of simulation, priority has been given to the process of imitation of the social standards rather than sustainable education; in which fewer achievements will be generated even if higher potentials are available due to barriers such as; 

Narrow scope of the parents towards education

Absence of English-Speaking background

Negative attitudes of students

Inefficient teaching methodologies

Tuition industry which provides inaccurate information