Inura Dewasinghe


VVV Battle of the Bards , Poetry Competition – 1st Place

Raconteurs, Short Story Writing Competition – 1st Place

Cartoon Creators, Script Writing Competition – 2nd Place

Inura Dewasinghe is an inspired writer, and a poet who is influenced by the culture of ELSL. 

Mourning of a scarlet woman

I was a perfect lass,
Who had everything wanted.
I could remember the colourful frocks
I always used to wear.
I was like a bird, bird that flies in the summer sky.
When I got older, something started happening in my life,
thought it was love, but I was so dumb!
It was nothing! But a storm destroyed everything I had.
Regret! But, I should’ve known.

I left everything, and flew away with him.
I came here, with a torn green dress.
He left me here, without blowing a kiss.
Nor looking at my eyes,
Nor telling “good bye!”
It was a brothel, not an orphanage like I imagined.
I got new clothes, all was scarlet.
And a new room, thought it was to sleep!
My room was a brown one, with no window to look out
So it was dim and full of heat, making all boiled!
First months I spent cryin’ , suffering with the pain every night.
Struggling with disorders all the time. 
Then got used to?
Nah! Still cryin’,
but nobody hears me cryin’.
Men are pleasured with me, 
but not me, I loathe you all.

Fifteen years are gone!
Am lying on the bed alone.
My scarlet dresses are faded by now.
I neither smell nor look good,
My body is aching and my skin is wounded,
and the beauty is gone!
Why should I live anymore?
I wanna rest in the church’s graveyard,
with the blessing of Amen!
“Only if the clergy allows”
I wanna get rid of this life, so I kiss a forbidden fruit,

Will I be taken to the God?
Last night a dream I saw.
An angel comes and raises me up
Higher! Higher!! Higher!!!  
Like a summer bird as a kid I saw.
Before stepping in to the heaven,
A storm, we were caught.
I fell down, deeper and deeper!
To the hell, full of demons 
I woke up, was afraid.

Am leaving my body and ‘tis burning,
I feel.
Wish I hadn’t done it but too late even to think!
Wanna pray but dunno hymns!
I have suffered with the worst pains ever.
So, dying is the sweetest thing that’ll happen to me ever.
I hear someone’s coming, towards my room.
Though ‘tis usual, my heartbeat increases.           
May be that’s the angel or a demon I saw!
To take me?
Two people are coming, I hear! May be two demons,
‘cause angels don’t walk.
Foot sounds getting closer and I’m closing my eyes.
Want to say “hello”, but my mouth is mute.
Then I heard the last words, I heard in ma life.
Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
“There’s a John for you!”
The plague

Everyone started the new decade, with new fresh hopes.
Then you came, and killed  ‘em all.
Spread the fear, darkened everywhere.
The whole world is cold,
as though the winter has invaded the earth.
 I’m so afraid, trembling with the cold.
 Try our best, but what could we do?
Stuck in home, like our wings are cut.
Why does God do this to us?
May be he has a plan.
Like he had when the great flood came.
To make the world free from sins!
Can I be Noah? I know it’s hard.
Everyone wants to be! But there is one chance.
We pray every day and say,
“Please guide us to be stronger, stronger than we are.”
Everyone loves their lives, nobody wants to die.
Then “little demon”, how do you decide,
Who is supposed to die?
Boys don’t cry

I’m frustrated, like the whole world is gone.
Abandoned by all, I’m here.
My heart is broken, overflowing with anxiety.
Feels like it’s sobbing, not my eyes though.
My eyes want to cry, but they are still dry.
I won’t let them cry!
Because boys don’t cry, they say.

Apprehension is killing my soul.
I’m not strong, to bear them all.
I am so depressed and consolation is all I want.
Crying may console me, who knows!
I want to cry! But afraid to try.
If somebody sees me crying, my shame will die.
My eyes are getting wet, like two fountains in a lonely land.
And glittering like stars, I feel.
Just a blink will make me cry.
So I keep my eyes unblinking.
‘Cause boys don’t cry, everyone says.

My eyes are speaking with me and say,
my tears are heavy, so they can’t hold
“Please Hold on! Don’t let them fall!!”
I say.
Am I meant to cry? May be!
Is it the only way to console my mind?
There’s nothing else I could find.
I struggle with my mind.
‘Cause boys don’t cry!

Should I cry and console my mind?
It’ll ease my pain. But,
they will be kidding me, telling that I’m weak.
Why should I care what they’re saying?
They’re the ones, who put tears into my eyes.
Put me into this state, made me anxious and depressed!
So, I don’t care what they are going to say.
I’m going to cry, as I’m almost dying due to this pain.
Boys don’t cry I know, don’t remind me!
Crying will ease up my mind, I just want to try!
I blinked; a teardrop is rolling down on my cheek,
I feel!
It feels so cool, like my eyes are sweating!
I don’t want to stop, please let me cry!
Though boys don’t cry.

Every day, I go in front of the mirror.
Observe myself, think I have an error.
All I see is…………….

Hear a nice song, try to sing it.
Attempt to do my best, but can’t pitch it.
What I hear is……..........

Looking at someone else, comparing myself.
Seeing their qualities, imagine me as an elf.
The thing concerns me is…………

Nobody has perfection, that’s true.
But, I’m more imperfect, always knew.
Please God help me to get rid of…….

I wanted you, to hate my enemies.
But you loved them! Hated me instead.
I wanted you, to be my strength.
But you strengthened them! Weakened me instead.
I wanted you, to stand by my side.
But you refused it! Stood by theirs instead.
I always wanted your help.
But it was for them! Made me helpless.

I have no one, so I am helpless?
You made me helpless, wanted to see me drowned.
I trusted you, you were unfaithful.
I was good; you defined me as a demon though.
They are my enemies! They have reasons to hate me.
But, what the hell have I done to you?
Tell me……………….
Trusting you? Caring about you?
You didn’t deserve my faith! It was my bad.
I am stronger than you think.
Stay away from me! I can handle this.
Don’t come back or don’t apologize,
when you realize! I won’t accept you.
‘Cause I don’t want flip-flopping bitches on my side.'
Stab me with a Rose 

My dear cupid, where the hell are you?
Don’t you see me or do you deliberately ignore?
All I want is to love, nothing anymore.
Try to understand me, please let me do!
Am I not meant to love? Is that true?
Shoot your arrows at me, open my love’s door.
Have you lost your aim? I’m afraid it is so.
Come closer to me, I’ll not harm you.

Stab me with a rose, spear my heart.
Make it bleed, with love, please me.
Amor my dear friend, please do it soon!
Teach me the way, to draw the love’s art.
Guide me to the rare true love without any fee.
Like the love of the goddess of the moon.
The virgin is alone

When the sky had barely turned into red,
There was a young virgin in a house  alone,
Where the silence was shouting.
She was wandering among the pages of the bible.
Then was interrupted by her noble thoughts.
She kept the book away,
And then her legs brought her towards her room.
Looking at the large mirror there,
This “Desdemonic” girl was blushed like vine,
By looking at her own figure, reflected on the mirror.
Her body warmth increased and her lips touched the mirror.
Then, her cloths quietly left her skin,
To let the breeze kiss her.
Her hand started to creep on her breast,
Giving her the satisfaction of an angelic touch.
Though her teeth were biting the lower lip,
She didn’t feel any pain at all, but she felt the “divine fun”.
Half-closed eyes saw nothing, but imagined everything
Meanwhile her hand silently crept down,
Towards her little “pet-cat”.
Started to rub it gently,
Thinking about her dreamy thoughts, the hand started to do firmly.
There she found the real “ecstasy”, was trapped inside of her,
Is now released and spilling out.
She felt it, as much as she could.
When she was done, when the cloths were replaced,
The little virgin went away and took the bible back,
Like nothing had happened.

Half in love


When I first fell for you, I was fully in love.

I loved you……wholeheartedly, more than anything.

Your fragrance was always around me,

Making me intoxicated,

As though I had drunk Amortentia.

You were the sweetest thing happened to me.

Every second, I wanted to see your beautiful eyes,

Petals like lips, and your enchanting smile.

Every night, I couldn’t sleep…..until your “good night” came.

I swear!

But, we were not blessed.

Due to my own reasons…. I had to withdraw “a half” of my love.

I was half in love with you, with the time… I had to let you go.


I can still remember the innocent way you told “please no!”

With your beautiful eyes, full of tears.

Was I rude? Yes I was. ‘Cause I had to be!

But, the truth is, this sinner didn’t deserve you.

Darling, go and sing “consequences”, curse me!

Since the day I let you go, I didn’t fall for anyone.

I swear!

As that “half of love” is always there in my heart,

For you…………!

Still I spend time, thinking about you.

But, too late.

When I look at you, I see, your hand is taken.

By someone who can keep you happy,

Who deserves you rather than me.

You are not wrong at all babe.

I have to suffer, ‘tis my fault.

I’m hurt, that’s true.

Yet, I am happy to see your happiness.

I’m happy as your smile is back.

Is it the true love? I dunno.

(Someone please tell me, whether it is.)

Farewell Señorita!

The Versatile man


My blood is flowing, because of you.

I’m breathing….because of you.

Dad, you’re the guardian angel,

Who protects my life…you make me safe.

Stronger than Atlas, you are bearing my whole life.

When you heard my first cry, how happy you were!

Now, every time I cry, you shed invisible tears.

You know everything, I wonder how!

Not a typical superman dad,

You are the versatile man……

More powerful than Shazam!

You are always my strength.

You’ve got my back, then

Why should I be afraid of anything?

Dad, your love is hidden,

Inside of your strict heart.

Therefore, your love is secured!

When you’ll be old, one day…

Please let me be your walking stick.

I’ll take your hand, like you used to take mine,

When I was a kid.

Thirsty horses


Once, everything was heated,

On a sunny day, during the drought.

Everyone, affected by the hot air,

Was thirsty. So are horses.


Absent minded horses, due to the thirst,

Were eagerly waiting, till they are set free.

When the stable’s door flew open,

Towards the mirage, the herd started running madly


The sweating horses ran and ran and ran.

Thousand miles away from their homeland.

To find water, to quench their thirst.

Finally they found water, which they were craving for.


After quenching their thirst,

Horses realized that they were stupid.

Those tamed horses, couldn’t find the way back to the stable.

 So, they entered to a nearby jungle, and became wild horses.


Darkness and light


Darkness prevailed throughout the night.

Thousands of stars, and the pretty moon,

Didn’t destroy it.

(Or perhaps they couldn’t)

But in the morning,

The sun arrived.

Unlike the moon and the stars,

Sun rays stated invading the darkness.

Darkness was struggling to survive.

Crying and praying for life.

Yet, they were unable to do.

No one was there to help,

No one didn’t even notice.

Moment by moment,

Darkness was invaded….finally,

It’s gone.

Everybody was happy to see the light,

Nobody wanted to say,

“Poor Darkness”



They lie.

Don’t listen to them.

You are useless.

But they say,

You are fantastic.

You are so weak.

Even though they say,

You are invincible.

You can do nothing.

Though they say,

You can do anything.

You are so ugly.

But they say,

How beautiful you are!

You are a looser.

Although they tell you,

You are a winner.

They are always wrong.

Think again!

You’re not meant to be “their WORDS”

Hail ELSL!


I sought, throughout the universe.

For a place, where I can find “the best”

Finally I’ve found, a better place,

Full of knowledge….by Apollo, it’s blessed.


The knowledge I’ve found there,

Is rare and can be found nowhere.

Proses, poems, plays and all,

Taught here well and improves your soul.


It raises you up and gives you the best.

You will be alright as it has your back.

Come and join with it, you’ll have no regret.

And shout along with me, “Hail ELSL”

The Moonish Love


When the entire Rome is lit by the moon,

Moon rays started creeping towards me.

I’m waiting till he comes so soon,

With a kiss he will let my fears flee.

The First night, the first time, Moon watches from the sky.

Heart drums, my thoughts sing…excitement overflows.

When he comes I’ll come to moon, as I’ll be feeling high.

I’m impatiently waiting for him, the moon also knows.

Rose petals on the bed are waiting to be crushed,

Lighted candles have started to melt out.

I hear his footsteps as the surrounding went hushed.

He will make me brave, I have no doubt.

I feel his hand on my shoulder, it is quite tickling.

When I’m shyly looking at the moon, I see it is smiling.

“SHE committed suicide”


There SHE was, singing and dancing.

In the sunshine, spent a colourful life.

Then we came and grabbed her hands.

I wonder whether SHE knew.

We handled her like a puppet,

Tore her thoughts, stole her happiness.

I wonder whether SHE recognized that,

It was us, who did that to her.

We made her exhausted,

And told “SHE is depressed”

We promised to release her.

“Oh poor soul”

We covered her eyes and blinded her.

And brought her on to a chair.

Garlanded her with a rope.

SHE thought we were playing.

Then we pushed the chair!

But the rope didn’t let her fall.

SHE tried to breathe but SHE couldn’t.

We were happily watching it.

(SHE left)

Then we told “SHE should have told”

“We could have helped her”

But, it was us, who made her gone!

Wasn’t it?

We played, we murdered,

And then we told….

“SHE committed suicide”



She was there, with another one.

Standing by the bed.

I was astonished, or perhaps happy.

I counted,

One, two, three.

The sum was three, including me.

Those girls were “lazy”

Whose eyes were sleepy.

Then they started!

I was watching.

I didn’t know what I was supposed to do!

My heart beat was getting louder.

It wasn’t “lub dub”, it didn’t beat twice!

Instead, it beat thrice.

I heard it like,

“One,two,three…One, two, three…”

That sounded like Sia.

But I wasn’t sure,

Whether the next word was “sing”

Or something else.

I felt like a starving person,

Who’s looking to eat two burgers at once.

Those burgers drew closer.

She was at my lips. Where was the other one?

I didn’t see, but I felt.

“Is this the cooperation?”

 I closed my eyes and thought.

“El amor es el amor”

(Love is Love)


I wanna be happy, happy with you.

But you’re meant to be sad, sad with somebody else.

You made me happy, so did I!

Now you’re running from me, I wonder why.

Your faded pride is crying!

Your soul mourns, but not your eyes.

I’m looking at you,

And crying aloud, can’t you hear or do you pretend?


“¡Te quiero!”

That’s what you said when we first met.

“¡Lo siento!”

Isn’t that what you told when you left?

“Please be mine”

How can I live without you?

“¡No soy tuyo!”

You said and left, but I didn’t get.


I can remember…

The way we danced, the way we kissed,

And the way we held hands.

Hours and hours and hours and hours.

“El amor es el amor”              

Remember? You are the one who said.

“Love is love”

That’s what I did get, so I wonder why you left.


In this night,

I try to find the lost rainbow which was there,

In the morning sky.

Dictionary pages are soaked with my tears.

Green carnations are withered.

The extinguished candelabra waiting for us,

To come and dance again.

My lips are waiting……….to meet yours.


Please come back and cuddle me.

I want to feel your warmth once again,

Breathing on your chest.

Sitting on a river bank, let’s find out,

How the un-straight river,

Facing the challenges and flowing constantly.

Looking at your deep blue eyes,

I want some tequila and the real happiness, let’s find!

Sadness makes villains.


Somebody is starving,

Whose stomachs are burning with hunger.

Their sadness makes them steal.

They become thieves!


Someone’s mother,

The only family member he had is killed.

His sadness makes him avenge.

He becomes a murderer!


We all love “movie villains”,

And adore their passion.

But everyone hates real villains.

‘Cause they’re….just…VILLAINS.


“You are a curse to the world”

That’s how we label them.

We never see their SADNESS, never even want!

Then, aren’t we the real villains?

“DIFFERENCE” is not different.


“Difference”…..The worst thing ever,

You said.

It is what you are most afraid of isn’t it?

“FREAKS”….. That’s what u called huh?

I’m different, she’s different, he is different,

We are different and they are different.

But you! Are you not different?

I doubt.

Is it an immoral thing to be different?

Or is it a crime to be different?

Or is it a sin to be different??

Or is there nothing to worry about being different?

Simply… don’t understand the difference.

You fear of what you don’t understand.

You hurt what you are afraid of.

So, is it difference’s fault?

Now look at yourself! Observe well!!

And you’ll find out, you are also different.

But don’t worry!

‘Cause “DIFFERENCE” is not different!


Hush! The God is sleeping!!


In the midnight, when nightingales were singing,

She was lying on dry leaves, surrounded by demons.

Mourning and shouting, yet no one heard.

The virgin dies, while a woman is born.

No one was there to help, she had only her soul.

Her tears were also leaving, as they were afraid of impurity.

The poor soul temporary left her, to find some aids.

Straight to the heaven, it went to get her gratitude…

For her FAITH.

Peter was there, at the pearly gates!

“Why art thee h’re?”

“Help me! I wanna meet the God!”

The soul cried.

“Hush! The God is sleeping!!”

What could the poor soul do apart from going back?

So it went back to her.

“If he were awake, he’d help me”

She thought…..

In the gloomy morning,

She permanently went to the God!

The God himself was there,

Unlike the last night was awake!

But he refused her, telling that she was filthy.

Pain is what she gained for her faith.

So she had to go to the hell!

Unlike the God,

The Satan was there to welcome her,

Like he had been there with her…during the last night!

The REAL pain killer

(A conversation with a cigar)


When my feelings were crushing my heart,

All who were with me are isolation, and you!

You were cuddling with my fingers for a while,

And then you were lying on my lips… a kiss.

I sucked your soul, to make mine strong.

Was I selfish?

Your warmth dried my tears.

And you bought me towards the sky.

I felt your fragrance and enjoyed it well.

You made patterns in my mindset.

Then I noticed that you were burning,

Turning into ashes, and falling!

Didn’t I want you to be a relief for my pain?

Yet you’re unable to save yourself.

So, I realized u were not the painkiller.

Then I threw you and started finding,

Someone better!

HE and he


I was holding his hand.

Then my eyes ran to HIM.

My heart beat fast, as it wanted to come out!

But I was bound, so was my heart.

I compared!

I’m not supposed to do this at all!

Yet I’m doing this, what’s wrong?

I was sinking in the ocean of guilt.

My feelings were lost in the twilight,

So they didn’t know to whom they should go!

I was muddled, getting blushed second by second.

Was HE just the same as he?

Making a decision is so perilous.

Should I let him go? Will HE be better??

I don’t wanna be a cheater or a looser.

Though I have to be one of them.

Damn, I’m stuck in this triangle!

I wanted to flee away from this, but I couldn’t.

As my true love wanted to stay,

With either HIM…….or him!



Brave and courageous she always was,

Innocence and kindness were what she had.

Tough life was really challenging, yet she overcame.

Cruelty tried to lead her down, but she was stronger.

However, they judged her by what she wears!

Sweaty nights are long


Darkness is ruling the world.

The night is cursed, I feel.

Everyone is sleeping in this witching hour.

But not me, I’m burning alive.

Lights emitted in the darkness,

My eyes feel possessed.

Moment by moment, the heat rises.

Sweaty nights are long, longer than the others.

Sweat is pouring off me,

While the clock is ticking.

Sweaty nights are long, longer than the others.

Poor souls are screaming at my ears.

I feel sorry for them, yet I enjoy their scream.

My hand aches, I don’t wanna quit though.

I seldom hear a haunted sound out there.

I get shocked, and then I don’t care.

Second by second, time passes.

Sweaty nights are long, longer than the others.

I wanna be a stripper


I wanna be a stripper.

Why y’all laughing? I’m deadly serious!

I wanna be a stripper.

Why y’all smirking? Are you disgusted?

I was never clever like y’all, at the school.

Y’all became doctors, engineers and nurses.

But I’m starving, ‘cause I wasn’t clever.

So, I wanna be a stripper.

Yet y’all tell me to become a beggar.

I also wanna live a life better.

Then what else can I do, than becoming a stripper?

Yes I can find a respectful job.

But tell me, will my needs be fulfilled then?

Being a stripper gets my bills paid.

It gives me food and other things I need.

They’ll tell I’m dirty, and I’ll be rich,


So call me a bitch, or a slut or anything.

I don’t care as my needs are fulfilled.

But what if one day you’ll need my service?

Then don’t be shy, ‘cause I won’t be smirking!

Shouldn’t have done it


Why? Just why??  I question myself.

I knew this would happen, yet I’ve done it.


I shouldn’t have done it!

A moment ago the entire world was happy,

I can swear!

I was over the moon, but now I’m burning!

In the hell.

Frustrated, ashamed and disgusted,

About myself.

The Satan is my friend.

It’s all gone now.                  

Another fake promise!

Meant to be broken soon.

I sigh!

I wash my hands, to purify.

‘Cause ones I’ve killed are innocent.

They sacrificed themselves for my happiness.

But my happiness is lost and here I mourn!



I see the moonlight kissing the cold holy land.

The full moon seems like an angel coming from the heaven.

Shadows of leafless yew trees look like demons’ hand.

When the creepy wind blows, church’s old clock says it’s eleven.


I see those old, dusty tombs standing so proudly.

As gray as my hair, they have risen in south of the church.

Facing the rising sun, in the earth people are sleeping soundly.

Vicars are not praying! Sleeping and staring at the church.


I see the prevailing darkness in the North’s graveyard.

Sinners are lying there, probably burning in the hell.

They can’t go to the God, no use even if they try hard!

Maybe the God doesn’t see them, if he sees he’ll yell!


I see the Christ in the yard looking at me and reading my mind.

I’m just a poor caretaker! Who am I to judge the God?

My faith is always there, anyone can easily find.

So, please take me to your hands, “Oh almighty lord!”

A Masochist Confesses


What a sweet nightmare this is!

Our love is poisoned and I’m all his.

He is the demon who blesses me every night.

I’m counting seconds in the red room,

Till he comes into my sight.

It hurts and at the same time it comforts.

I’m burning alive in this cold fire.

My wounded skin is the memory,

Given by our pleasure!

Tears are rolling down on my smiling face.

Those whips and hooks and whatever,

Are mockingly staring at my poor face.

I want to leave, but I want to stay either.

When he possesses me, I’m in love with the pain!

I’m bound to him, to his love and to the pain!

During midnights I’m like a disabled one,

With tied hands and blind eyes.

“Please enslave me, my sir, my lord, my master!”

I pray to him like I do,

In front of the Church’s altar.

He tries to conjure love, for me it’s the salvation.

Am I willingly doing all these or is this manipulation?

I hear footsteps out of the door, I’m ready!

Here comes my sadistic hero,

So it’s time to a couple of disciplinary hours.



When the entire world is being burnt

By furious fire,

I’ll not worry, as you are with me,

Like we have always been.

Even during the Ragnarök,

Our love didn’t fall,

Unlike those mighty gods.

Thousands of years ago,

We were holding hands,

On the deck of Noah’s ship.

Unseen by the God!

Do you remember?

While everyone was running,

What we were doing was kissing.

In an empty corner of ancient Pompeii.

Plagues, disasters, wars or anything,

Couldn’t tear our eternal love apart,

Which lasts for centuries.

No matter what Apocalypse it is!

I’ll be with you.

Looking at your bright eyes,

I’ll murmur to your ears,

“I love you!”

Ugly ones don’t deserve love?


Beauty is something

That everyone wants to have.

But the God has forgotten to add it

When I was designed.

They say everyone is beautiful,

But I know it is not true!

I always see a goblin in the mirror,

Then I realize it’s no one but my own figure.


Face is like shit, belly is full of fat,

How tragic!

Nobody even looks twice.

This is how I was born, so I can’t cry.

Yet I love those pretty girls,

Who have angelic looks.

Like how Othello fell for Desdemona.

Ugly ones don’t deserve love?


Finally there was a beauty,

Waiting for this beast.

Isn’t it unbelievable?

Yeah I was also amazed.

“Your handsomeness is in your thoughts”

She often said.

When I realize what she means,

I smile in pain.



They work hard; barely find a time to rest.

Then again go back to their holy duties.

When we are hiding inside like cowards,

They work hard to make sure of our safety.

In a world abandoned by the God,

They have sneaked out from the heaven

To save our lives!


Covid-proof, wingless angels.

Life saviours, real warriors!


In a world that darkness rules,

They lit up a fire to conquer the gloom!

They put themselves in to the fire as fuel,

To make sure that we’re not lost in the darkness.

A fight with an invisible foe must be tough!

In spite of their exhaustion they work hard,

To save our lives!


Covid-proof, wingless angels.

Life saviours, real warriors!

The Miami Moon


Sapphire moonlight fallen on to Miami lands.

Surrounded by stars, here shines brightly the pretty moon.

Even in the darkest nights, it lights up the world like it is noon.

I’m in love with the moon, so I try to hug her with bare hands.

The moon is kindly looking at my face as she understands,

My love to her! Tonight she looks as gorgeous as a balloon.

She is the moon, and I’m just a human, will I realize it soon?

“Please make me levitate; I’m so tired of the earth’s sands.”

The Cuban breeze brings Spanish lullabies to her,

Cereus flowers are blooming in Mexico to see her pretty face!

She lights up the world equally indicating her virtuousness.

“Please come to the earth Mi Amor!” to her I whisper.

Yet, what I get is the moonglade, I always admire her grace.

So, I keep loving the Miami moon, ‘cause it’s my only happiness!

The first timers


Though we had known each other for a long time,

We felt like strangers.

My entire body was trembling, 

And sweating,

The earth was rotating.

“I …….” I said something.

She, who was as shy as I was,

Agreed with what I said, I can barely remember.

We kissed!

I opened my eyes and saw,

She was opening hers too.

It was…..”Weird”? I don’t know.

I felt my excitement stuck inside my pants.

When I was holding her hands,

I doubted whether she was comfortable.

It was an awkward time,

So were we!

Was it “TRUE LOVE”?

I have no freaking idea.

It was so transient.

Just like, “Three, two, one….we’re done”

We knew nothing about love.

‘Cause we were just silly first timers.



You always try to cut me down with your cruelty, but


Your insults attempt to wound my heart severely, yet


Whatever I do, you always judge me in the worst way, but


Discrimination and humiliation are your powerful weapons, yet



You spread bloody rumours everywhere about me, but


IF you can’t find out my mistakes, just create some!


Do whatever you want to do, say whatever you want to say!


Perhaps one day you’d be tired and would regret, yet


La France


When French wind blows in the spring,

I want to hold your hands on Pont des Arts.

Let’s cuddle for hours,

In a small café at the corner of Paris.

While drinking some Kir Royale,

Let’s plan our bright future…

A French kiss, beneath the Eiffel tower,

French Roses spread their fragrance,

We are strangers, in the city of romance.

I love to be lost here, with you!

I will read the entire “I love you wall”

For you…

French angels are colouring,

The evening Paris sky in red!

I enjoy looking at it,

Romance is everywhere,

Even in the breath!

“Je t’aime”

Then your eyes start shining brightly,

They are brighter than your new diamond ring!

Viens! Let’s get wet,

In this never ending Romantic French rain!

Let me burry my past!


The past is just the past.

I’m done with it, yet I’m haunted by my past.

So please, let me burry my past!

‘Cause I don’t want it anymore, in my hands.

The past soaked with my tears,

The past full of dirty secrets,

The past overloaded with unpleasant experiences,

The past I don’t want anyone to see,

Is still there!

So please, let me burry my past!

Help me to dig this huge hole,

To the deepest level of the earth.

Someone please bring a coffin,

A coffin made of the strongest element.

Hush! No need for prayers.

Let it go to hell!

My bright future is eagerly waiting for me,

Though I want to go for it, I can’t!

As my past is dragging my leg.

I can’t sever my leg,

For the sake of an uncertain future.

So please, let me burry my past!



I’m so exhausted, cannot bear these all anymore.

So I want this to end, as soon as possible.

But this does not seem to end so soon, damn!

I keep walking to the horizon, expecting to see the end.

I want all of these to end, without beginning again.

The end……Fin……..          

No more parts, no more seasons, no more chapters.

It’s time to say good bye to all commas and colons,

It’s time for a full stop.

I keep walking to the horizon, expecting to see the end.

When I reach there, I realize…..

It’s just a mirage, not the end that I was expecting.

I see the endless path running to another horizon.

There’s no turning back now, I gotta keep moving, I sigh!

How many horizons have I passed till now? I have no idea.

I want to terminate these things, but how?

Somebody says there’s an ending for all these sufferings.

So, I keep walking to the horizon,

Expecting to reach the real end.



Love is real, some people believe.

Love might be a dream, which soon will leave.

Love is not what seems, it’s true.

Love is transient, I always knew.


Love is blind, somebody says.

Love cannot be trusted, with lives it plays.

Love is bitter-sweet, you gotta taste.

Love is rare, so please don’t waste!


What is love? Is it a woe?

Is love and lust the same? I don’t know!


Love is unlimited, like a land without a fence,

Love restricts freedom though, it makes sense.

Love is weird, nobody will understand.

Love is strong, you can’t control with your hand.


Love is divine; love can be possessive as well.

Love is a choice, if you don’t want it…say farewell.

Love is cool, painful, and love is everything.

Love rules your heart, because love is a king.


What is love? Is it a woe?

Is love and lust the same? I don’t know!

The Punishment


I knelt in front of him.

I felt as if I was being punished at school.

I felt like I let him enslave me.

His hand, on my hair.

When I looked above at his eyes,

I saw him like a giant.

I was choked! But I didn’t ask for help.

Perhaps I wanted to scream

Either to get a help, or something else.

Yet I couldn’t, as my mouth was blocked.

Tears were leaving my eyes.

This really was a punishment, but it’s sweet.

Less pleasure I gained, more pleasure I gave.

I blow, blew, have blown….his- -mind.

I was like the mother universe,

‘Cause I felt the “Milky way” inside my holy mouth.

Things were rhythmic, Just like BJ music!

When I said I was tired and thirsty,

He brought me some BUTTER MILK.

To quench my thirst!



I am walking on a street in Bangkok,

In this stormy evening in June,

Being battered by the heavy rain.

When mocking people are looking at me,

I try to hide my face.

I cry!

Because anybody neither hears me crying,

Nor sees my tears in the rain.

I keep walking to get rid of everyone,

As I prefer loneliness more than anything.

“I’m proud of myself”

I often whisper.

Yet, I don’t know whether I’m lying to myself.

So I keep questioning about my pride.


This life feels weird,

But isn’t this the life that I loved to have?

I burnt my old trousers.                 

‘Cause my wardrobe doesn’t want them anymore.

I look at the mirror,

Then I see my own mournful figure.

The rain drops have washed away my face’s colours,

Or is it my own tears?

I light up a cigarette!

‘Cause it’s the only thing,

Who has been listening to this poor tranny for years.


I hope the rain will stop soon,

To let me go outside in the dawn.

I want to see the beautiful rainbow in the morning sky.

I’ll forget everything and smile, will no longer be shy.

I had the courage to be who I wanted to be.

Then I’m marvelous, no one can lead me down.

I deserve romance either, I’m equal with everyone.

I close my eyes to see sweet trans-dreams.

My heart is flourishing hopes,

About a better tomorrow.

The Satanic Temple


My heart was a temple, full of virtue and divinity.

Love was its chapel,

I placed an idol of yours on the altar.

Then dedicated the entire temple for you.

I kept praising you my lord,

Imagining you as the almighty god.

But I have summoned a demon,

The temple is no longer holy.

I thought you were an angel,

And yes you were, but Lucifer.

I did merits, on the name of yours.

Then you instantly transformed them all into sins,

And baptized me as a sinner.

I asked you to bless me every day,

Yet, it was a curse that you placed upon my name!

When I kept asking for holy water,

You fed me with Acheron’s water.

I can’t turn back!

‘Cause I have already fallen from grace.

Will you offer me salvation?

I know you won’t!

So, my soulless body is lying,

In this satanic temple.

Until you come and bring me,

To hell with you!



Try to hide your wings!


Try to fly!

Listen to what others say!


Always think so highly of you!

Let them control your life!

Do not

Be independent!

Throw your dreams away!


Go chasing after your dreams!

Be afraid of goalkeepers!


Try to achieve your goals!

Always be dependent on others’ advices!


Think you are the wisest!

Stay inside the cage!

You don’t have to

Come out and enjoy your life!

Sculptured (An advice to a sculptor)


Take a lump of clay, from the best clay ever.

Start sculpturing the greatest sculpture.

You poor sculptor, wash your hands

Don’t adulterate her with your dirt.

Make her face look gorgeous like Aphrodite’s

Give her a long shiny hair, better than Sif’s

Her eyes shining like diamonds should make Athena jealous.

That’s how you have to sculpt her, remember!


She needs a neck that looks so good, even without a necklace.

Make her breast, small and humble to be unnoticed by vultures.

Perfect hips, navel and booty will make her look better.

Don’t forget to keep a pit in her groins, for her selfish lovers.

Give her two legs, to run away from the darkness.

Sculpt two strong hands for her, to fight against evilness.

And give life to her, like Zeus created Wonder Woman.

Humanize her, ‘cause you have to send her to the holy earth.


Colour her lips in red, dress in green, and skin in gold

When people see her, they should say “Beauty is overloaded”

Don’t give a damn about the heart, it doesn’t matter.

No matter how heartless she is, Beauty will save her.

Poor sculptor, you are going to send her to a perfect world,

Full of perfect people, without any bodily imperfections.

So, bodily imperfections are humiliated there, remember!

Make sure to leave no mistakes, sculpt her in a perfect manner!

The nerd in love


Nobody sees romance in my eyes,

As they are covered with spectacles.

Thousands of difficult things, I understand.

Yet, I don’t understand to express my feelings.

Everyone hates me, may be they are full of jealousy.

So, I’m afraid to tell her, how much I love her.

I’ve read about Shakespeare, but I’m not a poet.

Though I want to ask her out, I am not courageous.

‘Cause even the most innocent girls,

Want bad and tough boys,

To bring the heaven to the earth.

Nobody wants a guy who reads 24/7

I’m neither hot, nor cool they say.

“Einstein’s are not supposed to go on dates!”

But nerds also have a heart, not only a brain.

So, I’m gonna ask her out, anyway!

I am the watcher


I am the watcher,

And I see everything, but I’m not a guardian.

All the victories and sufferings, I see!

Yet I can’t interfere.

Sometimes I want to interfere,

My oath restricts me though!

Perhaps I’m meant to be alone forever,

Without letting anyone know about my presence!

I see everyone! Heroes, heroines, villains and victims.

All I have to do is watching, without doing anything.

I can’t help anyone, isn’t this a curse?

Oh poor beings! Forgive me for not doing anything!

I absorb everyone’s feelings and store ‘em in my eyes.

Crying and laughing with them, but nobody sees.

Am I a villain or just a passive observer?

What do you think?

Well, I can be your narrator if you want,

(I can’t interfere though)

But will you hear my voice? I think you won’t.

What if I’ll be in trouble? Will there be anyone for me?

I see everything happened, happening and going to happen.

Because I am the watcher, yet I wish I weren’t



You were with me, holding my hands.

But not your heart,

You have given it to somebody else,

I feel it!

The brightness of your eyes, is not there


I saw the roses I gave to you,

In your litter box.

Still you try to smile with me, but I know

You are pretending.

“Girls can’t be trusted, they always cheat”

People say.

“You are an exception though”

That’s how I used to think.

If I’m not the right guy, why don’t you leave me?

I don’t get!

You are doing all these dramas, because

You still wanna please me?

The little mouth that sang romantic songs

Is now telling lies.

When I ask “What’s wrong?” you say

“All is fine”

I know you want to leave me for him, yet

Something stops you from trying!

But Remember! I am not Rihanna.

So I don’t love the way you lie!

I keep following you!


First, I fell in love with your voice!

I was enchanted by that sweet voice,

Which was as sweet as the voice of a mermaid.

I could not escape, since I was intoxicated,

By the noble love, which I will never gain from you!

You were as gorgeous as a little fairy,

Just like I imagined!

The god had been in a cool mood,

When he designed you.              

A soul full of kindness, you have.

So, I started following you, yet you never noticed!

‘Cause you have gone farther than I have come.

I can follow you, but I won’t be able to reach to you.

Never mind!

My heart is full of love for you, yes I love you!

But should I let you know?

Though I’ll let you know,

 I won’t be able to reach to you!           

I will have to spend years to come closer to you.

But, will you wait till I come?

I know you must go.

You keep going, and I keep following you,

Even though I will never be loved by you!

Woman of Steel


She has no super powers,

Yet she is the greatest heroine of all time.

No matter what comes, she stays strong,

As if she is the woman of steel.

The entire universe was created by her,

Isn’t she supposed to be deified?

She bore my body for ten months,

Still she is bearing my whole life.

When the life is as rough as a dessert,

She will be the rain and make it a paradise.

Lullabies sung by her, were like hymns,

Which made my entire life blessed.

She is an angel, a goddess, a queen, an empress!

She lights up my life,

And wipes the tears from my eyes.

She is the wisest lady in the world,

Everything is known to her.

I’m not afraid of anything,

As she is always there.

She is no one, but your and my beloved mother.

When something bothers,

Think of your mother!

Then everything will be better.

It’s pretty sure!

Censor my love.


Oh my angelic girl, forgive me for loving thee!

Censor my love if thou really hate me!

Blind my eyes for looking at thy beauty,

‘Cause appreciating thee is my only duty.

For writing love poems, sever my poor fingers!

Though my heart aches, for thee, it always lingers.

I can’t stop loving thy fragrance, so choke me!

I want to be thy slave, who will never be set free.

Make me dumb, as I was singing romantic songs!

It’s because I love thee; I didn’t mean to do any wrongs.

Burn me alive, for waiting for thy touch!

Yet, I will always love thee so much.

I want to run to thee, so tie me hard!

Without thee, my life is a graveyard.

Censor my love if thou really hate me!

Oh my angelic girl, forgive me for loving thee!

Sex is complicated


Sex is complicated,

It’s something beyond human imagination.

Everything else might be simple.

But sex is always complicated.


Sex is manipulative,

No matter how good you are,

You will definitely be,



Sex is frustrating,

You will enjoy and enjoy!

Yet eventually,

You’ll be frustrated.


Sex is not just having fun,

There’s an emotional aspect.

But we will never understand.

Will we?





Sex is powerful,

It can create unbreakable bonds

And at the same time,

It can break any bond either.


Sex is a must.

It’s one of your soul purposes.

You want to earn, and to have sex.

Then you die, that’s it!


Sex is a sin,

That’s how some people say!

Then who’s the sinner?

The God who created Adam and Eve?


Sex is dangerous,

Like a furious dragon.

Watch out!

If not you’ll be burnt.


Sex is a good teacher,

Who will teach you important lessons.

You have to learn well,

If not you’ll be punished.


Sex is serious.

There are no experiments.

So be wise!

Messed up? May god bless you!


Sex is a trap,

Which you can never get rid of.

You have to be safe.

So don’t get caught!


Sex is shit!

May be it’s because we made it so.

It might have been innocent.

Who knows though!


Sex is a medicine,

Which is rare and powerful!

If you’ll take a lot from it,

It will be poisonous.


Sex is a dream,

Having a nightmare

Or a sweet dream,

Is up to you!


Sex is weird!

That’s why you are feeling guilty

At the moment,

Just for reading this poem.

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