Check whether you remember the basics of  Sonnets

1. Where does the turn appears in the English sonnet?
2. What is the Sicilian sestet?
3. What are the other least used types of sonnets?
4. What is the Italian octave?
5. What is an original sonnet?
6. What are the two main types of sonnets?
7. What is the structure of an English sonnet?
8. In which lines the usual turn of a Petrarchan sonnet appear?
9. A famous example for a Petrarchan sonnet is
10. What are the two main sections of a Petrarchan sonnet?

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  1. I understood well about sonnet types and their significances. Thank u all for this. I have a doubt that is, is it need to consider about number of syllables in each lines when writing a sonnet?

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