Ravi Gunawardane

Ravi Gunawardane


B.A. (ENG) - UOK, DETE - UOC, ACCT - IATA, Montréal, Canada

Mr. Ravi Gunawardane, an esteemed luminary in the realm of education, serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ELSL. With a scholarly tenure exceeding five years, Mr. Gunawardane presently holds a significant position in a distinguished international school in Sri Lanka, maintaining a vigilant watch on the dynamic educational landscape within the nation.

A distinguished alumnus of the University of Kelaniya, Mr. Gunawardane earned his Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) and further fortified his academic acumen through the completion of a Diploma in English Language Teaching (DETE) from the University of Colombo. His educational journey also includes the acquisition of the Air Cargo Tariff and Rules (ACCT) certification from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Montréal, Canada.

Having assumed leadership roles, particularly as the head of English departments in various educational institutions, Mr. Gunawardane has garnered acclaim for his pedagogical prowess, earning the epithet of a “child whisperer” in acknowledgment of his exceptional teaching methodologies.

Mr. Gunawardane’s scholarly contributions extend into the realm of educational research, notably as the senior researcher spearheading the “Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking” (APES) project. This initiative, successfully implemented in numerous English-medium schools beyond the capital, has substantively elevated English language proficiency in diverse educational contexts.

In addition to his pedagogical pursuits, Mr. Gunawardane assumes a critical role as the head of paper setting and marking panels at ELSL, ensuring meticulous adherence to examination standards consonant with the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. His commitment to learner-centered education is further underscored by his senior researcher position in the “Competitive Interactive Learner-Centered Education” (CILCE) project, integral to the Learning Management System (LMS) at ELSL.

Mr. Ravi Gunawardane’s scholarly dedication, leadership acuity, and substantive contributions to educational research collectively position him as a venerable figure actively shaping the academic discourse and practices within Sri Lanka.