What is CILCE?

Competitive Lerner Centered Interactive Education is the next level of Electronic based experimental learning and Open Learning. It is based on a subproject of APES conducted by ELSL staff, led by Mr Ravi Gunawardane.

Currently, ELSL is the first of its kind website to implement the pedagogical theory of CLCIE which positively entices scholars to involve in education.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs


English Literature is unarguably one of the most interesting subjects for a student to learn. Yet, with the advancement of technology, it has been inaccurately recognized by many, as a monotonous area of studies. Those who do not find being stationary at a place for a considerable duration of time and reading a book to be interesting, usually end up engaging scrolling through social media, playing computer/mobile games or involving in any other activity to escape their mundane struggles. Thus, the theory of CILCE has been introduced to replace the use of other modes of escapism with the involvement of educational endeavours.

The philosophy behind Behind CILCE

CILCE is a pedagogical theory based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is clear that apart from the basic physiological and safety needs, the human mind craves for psychological and self-fulfilment. Among such necessities, in a hierarchical ascending order, the need for companionship, prestige, the feeling of accomplishment, the need to achieve one’s full potential, and the need of creative activities define the actions of a human being.

CILCE thus focuses on the aforementioned fundamental theories of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The need for companionship

ELSL community now functions as a social media platform, a place for people with similar interests to get together and discuss subject matters related to English Literature.

Students can register for free, find new friends, join groups of their interests, communicate with each other in the community forum. 


widespread respect and admiration felt for someone or something on the basis of a perception of their achievements or quality is now effectively simulated through the ELSL community. The student has a wide range of opportunities to show off their talents.

The community has a voting system where everyone up/down vote the content published by participants-based on their relevance and quality.

All participants can make the posts of others as their favourite. The more favourites one gets, the more he/she earns ELSL Credits, and Insignia.

The activity of every participant is awarded ELSL Credits, (Click here to find out how to earn ELSL Credits) which function as the primary in-site activity measurement. The Credits earned can be used to purchase various educational resources and study materials. 

Various types of achievements of community members are awarded insignia which is displayed in the members’ area of ELSL (Click here to find out the list of Insignia and how to earn them). The more one helps others in their educational endeavours, the more insignia he/she earns.

Based on the activities and the time spent on in-site education, the community members are awarded ranks, which is displayed in the ELSL leader board.

Feeling of accomplishment

Apart from the aforesaid accomplishments, ELSL community launches poetry, Scriptwriting, short story writing competitions for every academic term. The winners are awarded Credits, Special Insignia, and unique certificates designed under the concept of the project APES.

The need to achieve one’s full potential

Theory of CILCE immaculately entices ELSL community members to explore their true potential of involving in educational endeavours. CILCE augments the passion for education with a completely unconventional approach.

The need for creative activities

CILCE system is designed to boost the creativity of individuals, as it is one of the key competencies of the subject of English Literature. The dedicated and specially trained ELSL staff is always armed with activity-based teaching which not only satisfies the necessity of human psychology to involve in creative activities (However limited to the subject of English Literature at ELSL), but also to guide the students without manipulating or reshaping their individual creativity, with the purpose of enticing individuals to occupy themselves in the subject of English Literature in an effective manner.


CILCE (Competitive Interactive Lerner Centered Education) is a sub-project of APES (Augmenting Propensity of English Speaking) researched by the staff of ELSL (English Literature Sri Lanka) led by Mr Ravi Gunawardane. 

It is based on the concept of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which immaculately designed to entice students to involve more in educational endeavours, as it fulfils the advanced psychological necessities of a human.