G.C.E O/L Poems and Themes

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‘G.C.E O/L poems and themes’ is  a brief guide to understand the basic ideas of the poems found in Appreciation of English Literary texts, the book recommended for G.C.E O/L national curriculum

As there are no sources to find the themes of all the twenty poems at the same place, ELSL staff decided to to come up with a comprehensive guide which includes all the main ideas of the first twenty literary works in “Appreciation of English Literary Texts” 

PoemMain Themes
To the Nile● Nature
● Man and the Natural World
● Transience
● Limits of imagination
A Bird Came Down the Walk● Nature
● Man’s attempts to interfere with nature
● Individuality of nature
● Self sufficiency of Nature
The Eagle● Loneliness
● Egoism
● Transience
● Masculine power
To the Evening Star● Man and the natural world
● Pastoral Simplicity
● Transience
● Shifting of Power
War is Kind● Patriotism
● War
● Glorification of the inglorious
The Terrorist, He’s Watching● Terrorism
● Loss of humanity
● Time
Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree● Sudden impulse
● Guilt
● Regret
Breakfast● Breakdown of communication
● Impermanence
● Indifference
● Disillusionment
Once Upon a time● Loss of personal and cultural integrity
● Negative effects of colonization
●Old values Vs Modern values
● Appearance Vs reality
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings● Discrimination
● Oppression
● Majority Vs Minority
● Freedom
● Opportunity
● Dream and hope
Richard Cory● Appearance Vs reality
● Identity
● Negativity of simulating idols
Big Match, 1983● Ethnic Violence
● Politics Vs academic fraternity
● Brutality Vs innocence
The Earthen Goblet ● Man and the natural world
● loss of innocence
● Role of religion in shaping character
Father and Son● stereotypical parenting
● Generation gap
● Need to Conform to social needs
Fear● Possessive parenting
● Outside forces which affect the individuality of children
● Materialism Vs simplicity
The Clown’s Wife● Broken communication
● Identity
● Poverty
● Husband-Wife relationship
The Camel’s Hump● How laziness affects one’s physique and character
Upside-Down● Identity
● Need to conform to social requirements
● Majority Vs minority
The Huntsman● How ignorant speech brings harm to one’s life
● Avarice
● Politics
Two’s Company● Egoism
● Human behavior
● Speech Vs action

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